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Complaint about BACP to PSA and Charities Commission – Newsletter #4

Title of the Blog has worked hard over the last year compiling data on the BACP complaints process.  

A long and detailed report on BACP performance has now gone to the Professional Standards Authority and the Charity Commission alleging serious breaches of their codes of practice drawn from over 40 case narratives.           

Some of the main allegations are:  

  1. BACP has built a complaints system which can destroy the careers and indeed lives of therapists on the basis of unproven and minor allegations. Its actions are regularly out of proportion.  
  2. BACP has allowed its lawyers to run an Adversarial system which pits the complainant against the therapist around one case when it should be managing an Inquisitorial system identifying ‘Fitness to Practice’.  A fundamental error. 
  3. BACP operates principally on two levels: what it does in practice and what it tells its stakeholders: e.g. Members and the PSA. They are very different stories.  
  4. BACP has not declared a willingness to examine its own processes or their outcomes. 

The report also addresses the devastating practice of web-publication of complaints cases.    

As ever we hold support meetings at 8.00 on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month.

Please inform your colleagues and spread the word.

Thank you

David Waite

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